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3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph and Crossview Map

Viewing in Red/Blue anaglyph mode

You're going to need some red/blue 3D glasses for this one. View the map.

Viewing in crossview (cross eyed) mode

Flip the switch at the top of the map to crossview mode. Then sit well back (you won't have to cross your eyes as much), keep your head level, look to the centre of the screen between the two maps, and cross your eyes until the two maps overlap exactly. You can use the blue dot mouse pointer as a guide; place it somewhere obvious on the map and match up the two dots as you cross your eyes. Yes, it can be tricky!


Pan: Left mouse-button
Rotate: right mouse-button
Zoom scrollwheel.

About this map

Anaglyphs are stereoscopic images made from two overlapping images taken from the perspective of our left and right eyes. The images are then colorised, blended together, and viewed with 3D Glasses.

If you wear some red/blue lensed 3D glasses you'll see the map popping out of the screen.

The mapping data is Ordnance Survey's Open Zoomstack. Built using Mapbox GL JS and some Javascript and CSS wizardry.

Feedback and questions: Steve Attewell

This is a personal project built by Steve Attewell. 3D Glasses image by Rawpixel

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